The purpose of this page is to document changes to the NZePS workflow when items are deleted.


The New Zealand ePrescription Service houses information on patient prescriptions from the point of creation to collection by the patient. Toniq has made changes in version 5.44 to provide a better picture of this timeline in the event a prescription is deleted, as well as allowing pharmacies to flag that a processed item was in error and should not be associated with the selected patient's record.

What has changed?

Toniq has made two major changes:

  1. Adjusted the prompt that is shown when a user tries to delete a prescription that is recorded in NZePS:
    • Prescriptions can be deleted within Toniq for several reasons, and Toniq will present prompts in certain circumstances to ensure the user understands the implications of deleting the record (e.g., the dispensing has been claimed, is in a dose pack, is collected)
    • Three options are given:
      • Entered in error and will not be supplied
        • This option is reserved for situations where the dispensing record should not be associated with the selected patient's record, for example: 
          • The wrong patient was selected
          • The wrong medication was processed
        • Using this option will flag the dispensing record as invalid in NZePS and will mean that it does not inappropriately show up on the patient's clinical records
      • Item not supplied at this time
        • This option is reserved for when the supply of the medicine to the selected patient is valid (i.e., right patient, right medication), but the record is being deleted because it will not be given at this point in time.
      • No, do not delete
        • If this option is selected, the record will not be deleted
    • If the item is to be deleted, the text from the prompt will be populated into the deletion message for your records
  2. Provide a view to when a dispensing has been deleted and re-dispensed
    • In the event that an item is dispensed, then deleted (Item not supplied at this time) and re-dispensed in the future, the full timeline of that prescription is able to be seen in the "View eRx" screen: