Sometimes the existing options are not enough, and you really wished you had another way to categorise your online sales within Toniq Retail. Que custom statuses.

From Main Menu: 7. Administration, 6. Other Administration, 4. Maintain eShopLink, Maintain online sale status

Spacebar will give a list of all existing statuses loaded within the system. This includes the built in Toniq statuses. All statuses are listed alphabetically.

If you select a built in status, you can see the settings, but the options are disabled (greyed out).

Please note: Statuses CANNOT NE DELETED once created. Only hidden.

Use [F3 Add] to create a new status from the selection screen.

Fill in the required options, then [F12 Accept Details] to save.

Is processed:  means processing of the sale has been finished in one way or another, eg either it is sent successfully to the customer (Completed), Cancelled, Refunded, or No update.  If selected, sales with this status are excluded from the Outstanding online order extract.

Is fulfilled: means the sale is not actively being worked on due to being fully or partially processed. Toniq statuses that are fulfilled are Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, Partially Refunded, Partially Complete.  If selected, sales with this status are excluded when the All unfulfilled online orders option is used on the Maintain Online Sales in bulk screen.