If you need to check when an online sale had some details changed, you can view these on the Audit screen via the [F10 Other] menu when editing the sale.


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The audit screen shows when the online sale was first downloaded, when its status changed, when individual items were picked, and when it was sent.  If any of these details are changed after they are first done, this change is also shown.

The top part of the screen shows a summary of the changes made to the online sale in descending order (newest to oldest).  The bottom part of the screen shows more detail for the highlighted change.

Activity Summary Report

From main menu: 1. POS, 8. Online sales, 3. Activity summary report

The Activity Summary Report shows you how many online sales have each status so you can see how easily you are keeping up with your online orders.  Both core and custom statuses are included.

There are three parts to the report:

  • The basic report shows the number of sales with each status within a defined time period, broken down by staff member
  • By adding the KPI values you can see a breakdown of the number of products and their value to keep track of orders yet to be fulfilled
  • By adding the Audit details you can see a list of changes made to each sale, which can help determine what could be holding up fulfilment