From 1 September pharmacies providing immunisation services can also offer vaccination with Boostrix (Tdap), to protect patients against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough).

Pharmacies may order funded Boostrix stock via the CIR (once activated) or non-subsidised stock through other suppliers.

Subsidised Boostrix

There will be no co-payment charged to the patient and the medicine will be in the Pharmac Schedule as having a $0 price. To make funded prescriptions claim the dispensing fee appropriately, this will appear as $0.01 on the medicine stockcard:

The Toniq program considers medicines without any PS pricing as being non-subsidised.


Ordering funded Boostrix (10 x 0.5 mL syringes, pharmacode 2459418) is through the CIR. To keep track of stock in Toniq:

  1. Create an order using a blank order type, e.g.:
    Note: Create a new supplier, CIR, so that reporting by supplier of subsidised and non-subsidised stock can be differentiated.
  2.  Add the required items to the order.
  3. Confirm, rather than Send, the order.
  4. After confirming the order, edit the cost of the medicine to $0.00, if required, so that it does not affect financial reporting:
  5. Receive the stock in as usual.


Process the subsidised script with the appropriate script code (A4, X4, etc.) and the vaccination will price appropriately for the patient and for claiming.

Non-subsidised Boostrix


Pharmacies will be able to order Boostrix (1 x 0.5 mL syringes, pharmacode 2061996) for non-subsidised supply from wholesalers in the usual way. However, for correct reporting and pricing:

  1. Add the wholesale price to the medicine stockcard (in the Std W/S price field), but do NOT change the PS Price:
  2. Add a Retail price, if the price is to be different to what the global mark-up calculates:


Dispense non-funded Boostrix vaccinations under a NS script code.