Create a list of potential patients to work through:

From Dispensary,

9) Other

2) Bulk Edit Patients

F3) Add

Enter Criteria name e.g. no repeats available

Select Date range for the original script (/1 or /0, not the repeats) that the patients are likely to need new script, e.g. 90 days ago less the number of weeks that you think they will need to allow to get appointment for doctor say two weeks.

Depending how often you want to identify these people and make contact with them, will depend on how big a date range you use. For example if you want to text them once a week then you would use a date range of a week and then use the end date as the start date of the next weeks query.

For instance: if I run the report on 14/7/22 and 90 days ago would be the 15/04/22 – two weeks later than that (so they have time to get doctors appointment before script runs out) would be the 29/4/22. I want to run this weekly so my end date is 5/5/22 (as week after 29/4).  This should find patients who will need scripts in 2-3 weeks time.


Add 1 to the number of items left field

It is likely that you will want to exclude your cycle and/or dosepack patients.

There are a couple of ways to do this depending on your pharmacies processes;

  • either tick No institution on the next page (F11) - Second from bottom middle column.
  • Or you can remove patients with dosepacks from the list once it has been created (below are details on how to do this at the appropriate point in the process).


Tick Has Mobile Number (left hand column) - if you are wanting to text them from the generated contact list.

On next page F11 again.

Tick the No Repeats available field

F11 Next page two more times to get you back to the first screen then select F12 Accept details to create a list of POTENTIAL patients.



Remove patients with Dosepacks (skip this section if you don’t want to do this)

If you didn’t tick no institution and/or now want to remove all patients with dosepacks regardless of whether they are in an institution or not.

F2 Edit List

R Remove patients in bulk

Enter the same date range and 1 on items field as before then F11 to next page and at the bottom of the left hand column tick has active dosepacks.

F11 three times to get back to first page and enter F12 Accept Details

This will take you back to the original list with the patients with active dosepacks removed from the list.


Work through the list to remove inappropriate patients

Unfortunately this list will still include some patients that will not need scripts from doctors.

 Possible reasons could include:

  • Patients that had a short course or one-off medicine e.g. antibiotic and will not need another script,
  • Patients with control drug scripts that may already have new scripts (as they are needed every 30 days not 90).
  • Patients who have gone to another pharmacy

As such work through the patient list by taking F2 Edit List and then select E Edit list patient by patient.

Use F5 View history for each patient to see if they are likely to need a new script, (esc or F12 will take you back to the list of Patients). If this patient will need contacting leave them on the list and move down to the next patient using the arrow down key. If they don’t need a script then F10 Remove item when you have the patient selected will take them off the list.

Work your way through the list of patients until you are happy that the list contains only people that you would like to contact to remind them that they will need a new script from their doctor soon.

F12) Accept Details will keep the list and take you back to the top level where you can create a contact list and/or send the patients a text message.

Saving contact list and/or sending messages

F9) Contact Clients

If you want to create a contact list for use later, you can add a name to the contact list field e.g. no repeats available.


Then you can either F12 Accept details to keep the list to contact later or create an appropriate message using F7 create message, and then send as per the normal contact process F9 send message (documented further in link below).

 NB: Texting is an additional Toniq module, for more information call us on (03)3410195