Pharmac are implementing a process to transition patients currently taking Accuretic (quinapril with hydrochlorothiazide) over to an alternative blood pressure medicine (July 2022). See the below link for more information:

Extract from the above website:

Pharmacy compensation

Pharmac acknowledges and values the work community pharmacies are doing to support the transition of patients from Accuretic to alternative medicines. 

A one-off payment will be given to community pharmacies to reimburse them for this work and the associated costs. The details of this payment are still being finalised.

This payment will include the prescription co-payment for two medicines (to cover a potential transition onto both an ACEi/ARB and a diuretic), and a payment for work to support the patient's transition.

Patients should not pay the usual prescription co-payment for the first dispensing of their new medicine or medicines.

The payment will be bulk funded. Pharmacies are not required to keep separate records for these purposes.


In Toniq

We have created a pharmacode (99999300) for you to use to discount the first prescription co-payment(s) when a patient is transitioning from Accuretic to their alternative medicine(s). 

This will need to be setup once and can then be used for any patient that you need to apply this co-pay discount to by entering 'acdis' in the medicine field when dispensing.

Setup the discount (once only)

  • Go to 2 Stock control
  • 4 Maintain medicine
  • enter 99999300 to select a ‘medicine’ which Toniq has added to help with discounting.  This will be named ACCURETIC TRANSITION and have the following instructional dispensingnote
  • EDIT the ‘medicine’ to set the Retail Price to -$5.00, set Fee tick box, set No updates tick box, set  Shortcut = acdis, delete the dispensary note instructions and F12 to save


For an A4 patient when you dispense the replacement blood pressure medicine or medicines for the first time, in the same visit also dispense the ACCURETIC TRANSITION 'medicine' to give a discount of $5 (effectively removing the co-payment) - if the patient's replacement medicine has become two medicines and both are being processed in this visit, you can dispense a quantity of two on the ACCURETIC TRANSITION co-payment discount dispensing to remove both co-payments. (The shortcut of acdis can be entered in the medicine field to select this discount 'medicine').


Optional Extra's

The following are not required but may be wanted to 'remind' staff of eligibility or to find Patients that have received the discount in the future.

Add a note to patients who currently get Accuretic

To add a note to patients who have received Accuretic medication in the past to remind staff that they may be eligible. This is done in two steps:

1) Identify the patients

2) Add a note and prompt to the patients  

1) Using bulk edit patient, select the patients that are on Accuretic medicine

  • Go to 9. Other, 2. Bulk Edit Patients, F3 Add,
  • Under the script critieria on the left hand side, enter the date range that you want to include patients on this med
  • select one of the accuretic medications that the patients would be taking 
  • Enter 1 in the left most items field.
  • F12 - this will bring up a list of patients that have that medication within that time frame

  • Now we need to add the other Accuretic medication
  • F2 Edit List, Select Add more patients in bulk
    • Under the script critieria on the left hand side, enter the date range that you want to include patients on this med
    • select a different accuretic medications that you didn't select before 
    • Enter 1 in the left most items field.
    • F12 - this will add these patients to the list of patients that were already on the first list, continue until this process if there are more medications effected until all the patients on the effect medications are included.
  • Keep the list of patients on the screen and move to the next step to add a note and prompt if required.

2) Add a note and prompt to the list of patients from this screen

  • Press F5 Set note and choose 1 Append to note (which will not over-write notes already attached to patients).
  • Enter informative note text, prefixed by a space (so that there is a space between the new note and any other note the patient has), and press F12 Accept Details
  • Press F5 Set note again and chose 7. Set/unset prompt note (if you want the user to be prompted with the note when the patient is selected), tick set F12 Accept Details
  • F12 Accept details is required a second time to apply this to all the patients on the list

 Reporting options

 There are two ways you can report on these discounts: 

1) Using the prescription details report - good for finding patient names or more detailed information

2) Using the dispensary summary report - good for counting how many discounts or the value of the discounts dispensed in total.

1) The Prescription Details report can be run with the medicine selected over a certain date range.

  • Go to 3. Reports, 2. Prescription reports, 3. Prescription detail reports
  • F3 Add
  • Enter the date range you want to use
  • select ACCURETIC TRANSITION as the medicine on the second field down
  • Tick any extra information you might want to report on e.g. Include prices
  • F12 to run report.


2) A Dispensary Summary report cannot be run for a single medicine (or fee) but can be run for a medicine group.    

  • Go to 2. Stock Control, 9 Maintain medicine groups, F3 Add
    Set (medicine group) Name = Accuretic Transition and F12 Save
  • Go to 2. Stock Control, 4. Maintain medicine,  select Accuretic Transition , F11, F11,  press spacebar to select Medicine group Accuretic Transition  F11, F12 Save
  • Go to 3. Reports, 1 Business analysis reports, 1 Dispensary summary
    Run report for required date range setting Medicine group to Accuretic Transition