More work has been added to eShopLink Import to assist busy sites who need to process many orders each day. This is a user guide to help understand the workflow and processes required to perform pick pack and dispatch (PPD) from within Toniq.

Go Sweet Spot integration now available within Toniq. If you think this is a feature that would benefit you, get in touch with or call our helpdesk for more information.

Selecting and Searching and managing new online sales

Although this is not a new area to eShopLink, we have added some functions to assist with PPD processing.

From the main menu: 1. POS, 8. Online sales, 1. Maintain online sales

You will be presenting with the selection criteria form. See screen shot below.

If you wish to view all online sales within a period, leave all other criteria blank, and just enter the date range.

If you are looking for something specific, you can enter 1 or more options, along with the date range to find online sales that match.

Other search criteria can be used:

Customer name: will find partial matches against first or last name.
 e.g. Sha, will find Shane

Online invoice number/ Online sale reference/ Online order No: will find partial matches
 e.g. 1234 will find 12345

Understanding Online Sale Statuses


This is the default status for all new orders received into Toniq Retail.


This status is automatically applied after picking slips are printed. This is the 2nd step in dispatch processing.

Partially Complete

Will be automatically assigned to the online sale when only a portion of the items ordered are sent to courier. This status will update to Complete automatically when the remaining items are picked and sent to courier.


Orders which have been completed, or unable to process further should be changed to Completed. This is the final step in dispatch processing, and will also be automatically applied when completing PPD process.


Can be assigned to orders where the customer has cancelled their online order.
Please note, cancelling an order from this area DOES NOT return items to stock. A credit sale will need to be manually created to reverse the initial sale.

Partially Refunded

Can be set against an online sale while processing any refunds. Might be useful for tracking refunds in progress.

Please note, cancelling an order from this area DOES NOT return items to stock. A credit sale will need to be manually created to reverse the initial sale.


Similar to Cancelled, this status can be applied to the original online sale if items were returned after being sent.

Please note, cancelling an order from this area DOES NOT return items to stock. A credit sale will need to be manually created to reverse the initial sale.

No update

This option can be set for online sales to prevent additional online sale updates from being downloaded/applied. Can be used for special circumstances, or for keeping track of problematic online orders.

PPD status workflow

Single dispatch: Processing -> Picking -> Completed

Multi dispatch: Processing -> Picking -> Partially Complete -> Completed

Online sales in bulk list view

After your selection criteria is complete, a list of matching sales will be displayed on the screen.

There are several features which you will find useful to identify your online sales and to help with PPD processing. It is also possible to perform bulk update options from this screen to many online sales.

PLEASE NOTE: If you make changes to sale statuses (other than F9 Picking Slip), the changes will NOT BE SAVED until you F12 Accept Details to apply your individual or bulk edits.

Edit Online Sale Screen - Page 1

This is where you can scan check picked items, before sending the order to courier. The first screen displayed is the order items, their quantity, and the status. This allows quick pick checking to confirm the items picked match the ordered items.

Below is the display after using F7 Toggle Details is pressed. The top section has changed to display delivery information about the online sale. 

F5 Create Delivery 

Allows the creation of a manual courier delivery item entry (not sent to GoSweetSpot). This option still requires items to be checked off as picked.

Once the courier delivery item is created, a delivery docket can be printed by clicking the print icon next to the line.

Edit Online Sale Screen - Page 2

F11 will take you to the next page which includes information about the order such as:

  • Online customer details (billing address will be listed here, if different to shipping)
  • Comment, in case staff wish to record a comment about this customer and or sale
  • Is Gift and Gift Message is only available for generic Toniq connections
  • Back order message: can be edited for THIS online sale, in case there are situations when the default message needs to be edited/adjusted

Editing Online Customer Details

If you edit the customers details on this page, it will update the same customer record for all downloaded sales.

When a new sale is downloaded from online store, the customer details would be updated with what was entered online.

These changes will affect historical records if/when reprinted.

Delivered items export (report)

This is a summary report which can be exported to file and loaded into excel or sent to finance team for other tasks.

You can enter a date range for the report, which defaults to the previous day.

Printed report

Net Price: Unit Price x Ordered Quantity.

Delivered: Number of stock that has been sent to courier.

Sent to courier: Last date online sale was sent to courier. If the online sale has not been picked/sent to courier at all, the date will be blank.

Split orders sent to courier

If an order was split up into multiple courier deliveries, the Delivered Qty and Sent to Courier values will update with the most recent data added.


Order for 2 units was placed, but only 1 was able to be sourced and supplied to the customer today.

A couple of days later, the remaining item was shipped, so the next time the report is run, the figures are updated.