This feature allows you to issue repeats, in bulk, to a group of patients who have the same medicine.  You can filter for the selected medicine and patients with a matching note (on patient general notes) and prescriptions with a matching note within the Rx note.  

For example: find the ‘afternoon dose prescriptions’ for all patients in the methadone programme 

The feature has been designed for the quick generation of repeat medications to ‘methadone programme’ patients, but may be used for any medicine.    

NOTE: that this feature generates Repeats and NOT new prescriptions. 

Dated Grouped repeats

From release 5.42 it is now possible to select the dispensing date of the Grouped repeat up to 31 days in advance to account for public holidays and staffing issues.

Go into the grouped repeats option:

   9. Other

   1. Grouped Repeats

After selecting the Medicine that you want to generate repeats for and selecting the number of repeats you want to consume or takeaway. 

F12 Accept Details

You will prompted for which date you would like the repeats to be generated on, options include

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Next working day (if tomorrow is a day that your pharmacy is closed)
  • Specify a specific date (up to 31 days into the future)

Enter the date you want the repeats to have:

An message with the number of repeats that have been generated will be displayed as well as a summary report printed with the dispensing details.

F11 has other options you can choose to change: