Funding for delivery of COVID-19 Care in the Community clinical services

On 22 December 2021 the Ministry of Health provided information regarding funding to support primary care, including community pharmacies, delivery of COVID-19 Care in the Community clinical services.

The services applicable for community pharmacies and their funding rate are outlined below:

Pricing ItemFunding Rate (ex GST)
Medicines Management Consult (from clinical referral)$75.00
In-Home Visit (for 1 pharmacist, per hour)$150.00
In-Home Visit (for an additional support person, per hour)$50.00
In-Home Visit - Mileage Rate (per kilometer)$0.62
Reimbursement of Prescription Co-Payment (per eligible medicine)$4.35
Reimbursement for Medicine Delivery$7.00

Recording the services in Toniq

Toniq has created the following proxy medicines for the services:

PharmacodeProxy Medicine in ToniqService
99999200MEDICINES MANAGEMENT CONSULTMedicines Management Consult (from clinical referral)
99999201IN HOME VISIT (PHARMACIST)In-Home Visit (for 1 pharmacist, per hour)
99999202IN HOME VISIT (SUPPORT)In-Home Visit (for an additional support person, per hour)
99999203IN HOME VISIT (MILEAGE)In-Home Visit - Mileage Rate (per kilometer)
99999204RX CO-PAY REIMBURSEMENTReimbursement of Prescription Co-Payment (per eligible medicine)
99999205REIMBURSMENT OF MED DELIVERYReimbursement for Medicine Delivery

Note: The proxy medicine COPAY – DISCOUNT, pharmacode 99999301, may also be useful.

To find medicines listed in the table above, type Covid in the medicine field. (You may have to use F7 Show Hidden for the first dispensing.)

Set up the service medicine pricing

Before dispensing, these service medicine need to be set up with the correct pricing - follow the instruction giving on the medicine note:

Which, for the IN HOME VISIT (MILEAGE) stockcard, would look like:

For ease of future reporting, adding a Note such as *Covid* is suggested (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot above).

Reporting on the Covid Services

  • From the main menu, go to 3. Reports > 2. Prescription reports > 2. Prescription details (you may have to press F3 Add)
  • Select the required date range, either by pressing F3 Date Range and choosing the required range, or by entering a Start date and End date manually
  • Enter *Covid* into the Medicine notes field
  • Tick Patient name order (for clear formatting) then F12-Accept Details

Invoicing the services to the DHB

Each DHB may have differing and unique instructions. Please contact your DHB Portfolio Manager for specific information regarding charging the DHB.

It may be that the Prescription Details report, as outlined above is sufficient. Invoicing through Retail is also an option:

  1. Dispense these against the patient as a record
    • This will send that dispensing to Toniq Retail to Parked Transactions
    • Alternatively you can set up a DHB debtor in retail and set the services to prompt to that debtor in Dispensary against the patient.
  2. If you choose to send the services to Parked Transactions, you may dispense the services and normal medications in one visit. You can then move the services to the DHB debtor account. However, doing separate vists would make the process easier
  3. If you are sending to a DHB debtor, dispense the services in a separate visit to the patient medications, so the service is not listed on the patient’s receipt.

Discounting the Co-payment

Discuss with your portfolio manager or the MOH how claiming for the $0 co-payment is being reimbursed. The Toniq Library page Pharmacy co-payment discounting may be useful.