As at April 2022 the following two medicines are funded for the treatment of Covid:

  • Paxlovid (Nirmatrelvir with ritonavir) - pharmacode 2635143

  • Lagevrio (Molnupiravir) - pharmacode 2635224

Note: You may have to use F7 Show Hidden for the first dispensing.

These medicines may only be dispensed by authorised pharmacies.

The medicines are listed as being $0 and require endorsement by the prescriber that the patient meets access criteria for oral antiviral COVID-19 treatments as on the Pharmac website.

Toniq has been advised that pharmacy should process the scripts without a charge to the patient and to invoice their local DHB for the dispensings.

Making the script $0

Because there is no pharmaceutical price for the medicines, Toniq will automatically price scripts as NS. This may incur a Container or Dispensing fee as set up by individual pharmacies.

To avoid having to edit each script manually to remove these fees, the stockcard can be edited so as to always price with no cost.  To do this, set both the NSS markup and the NSS disp. fee to 0

Reporting on Covid treatment dispensings

To create a report on which patients have received these medicines:

  1. From the main menu, go to 3. Reports > 2. Prescription reports > 2. Prescription details (you may have to press F3 Add)
  2. Select the required date range, either by pressing F3 Date Range and choosing the required range, or by entering a Start date and End date manually
  3. Choose the medicine to report on by entering it in Select medicine
    • If you wish to report on both medicines in the same report, put in the same medicine Note on the stockcards (as in the screenshot above) on both medicines and put that note as the selection criteria instead of the medicine name, i.e. type it in the Medicine notes field.
  4. If no patient details are required press F8 No Pat. Details, or, if NHIs are needed, press F8 and then tick Show NHI number in the options at the bottom of the screen
  5. Tick Patient Name order at the bottom of the screen to format the report, if desired