Ministry adds channels to obtain My Vaccine Pass

"pharmacies around the country currently providing COVID-19 vaccinations will now also be able to assist people with getting a vaccine pass"

"In the interim while a technical solution is being built (into the Covid Immunization Register), providers will need to keep a record of the number of people they provide this service for and invoice the Ministry of Health"

Media release

26 November 2021

Toniq understand that details are still developing at this time but you may want to use Toniq to help record the visit of your customer requests.  This information can then be reported (for auditing).  A separate Toniq Library page (in progress 20/12/2021 based on new information) is available on a way to invoice MOH through Retail. 

The following may be a suitable way to achieve this. Details (Name and NHI) for every request can be recorded in Retail. 

Note: A ‘visit’ will be added in your Till Summary report. So, consider if this is important to you before you proceed. 

Creating a new product called “My Vaccine Pass”

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 2 Stock Control 
  • 3 Stock Maintenance
  • 2 Maintain products
  • F3 [Add]

➢ Product description My Vaccine Pass

➢ Sell price $11.50

➢ Shortcode MVP

➢ Under F4 [Stock] tick Non-diminishing and Don’t Orde→ F12 [Accept Details]

➢ F11 [Next Page]

➢ (Optional) Tick Don’t report (stops from appearing on sales reports e.g. Seller & Visit Report)

➢ Tick Prompt extra desc and type a description of the extra description you require, i.e. Name & NHI

  • F12 [Accept Details]

Creating a new debtor account called “My Vaccine Pass”

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 3 Debtors
  • 1. Maintain Debtors Account
  • F3 Add

➢ Account Name -  My Vaccine Pass 

➢ Add any other details you may have for MOH e.g. address, email etc.

➢ Leave Credit limit as zero

➢ You may wish to add your pharmacy claimant number as part of the address

  • F11 next page
  • Tick 'No receipt'
  • Tick 'Don't update name and address'
  • Tick 'Never link to client'

  • F11 (Next page) three times to get back to first page, F12 Accept Details
  • At the end of each month a Journal entry can be added to clear the charged amount.

Recording the customer request


From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 1 POS, 1 POS selling, Seller Log On
  • Add the product by typing MVP
  • Record your visitor’s details 


  •  F12 [Tender], Select tender type ("Charge to A/c") - select "My Vaccine Pass"

  • Enter, F12 End sale.

Reporting the requests (for audit)


From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 6 Reports, 4 Audit/Utility reports, 8 Transaction Audit 


NB:  If this is the first time you are generating this report, press F3 [Add] and give your report a name that will be easily recalled, i.e. Contact tracing.  If you have generated and named this report previously, type in part of the report name, press Enter and select from the list displayed or simply press spacebar and Enter to see all reports.  If you do not wish to save this report, do not give it a name.


  • Choose the Start and End date/time (this will default to today’s date)
  • Select My Vaccine Pass  into the Product field
  • F12 [Accept Details]
  • F10 [View Pages] or F12 [Print] hard copies (ensure there is a printer listed in the Printer field first)

Resulting Report 

To create an Invoice for requesting payment from MOH use the link below (in progress 20/12/2021 - will be available ASAP relating to new information now received from MOH regarding invoicing) ...... 

My Vaccine Pass pharmacy service - invoicing MOH : Toniq Limited