Note: NZF Integration is available from Toniq version 5.39.


NZF Monographs

New Zealand Formulary Monographs are available for quick and easy access to medicine information, such as indications, dosage, patient advice, etc. directly from Dispensary. The program will open the appropriate monograph in the workstation's default web browser, i.e. outside of Toniq. 

The main places where NZF Monographs can be accessed from Toniq are:

  • During script processing, once the medicine has been selected. Dispensary will give the function key options of either:
    • F11 Data, NZF on a blue background to access the NZF monograph, if the patient is 18 years of age or older (or has no recorded age), or
    • F11 Data, NZFC on a maroon background to launch the New Zealand Formulary for Children monograph, if the patient is 17 years or younger:

  • From the script log (F8 Use Log on the prescription entry screen). As previously mentioned, this will either give the option of F11 Data, NZF or F11 Data, NZFC, depending on the age of the highlighted patient:

  • On the second page of the medicine stock card, using F6 NZF (this will only launch the NZF, not the NZFC, monograph):

If there is no NZF monograph available for the specified medicine, the following will display on the NZF webpage:

Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)

NZF and NZFC PILs are available to help educate patients about their medicines. The number and type of PILs available for each medicine is determined by the New Zealand Formulary; many medicines have PILS in A5 format, some have PILs available from the NZFC or in Te Reo, and there are also medicines which have multiple PILs available depending on their form or use:

NZF PILs can be accessed from a number of places within Dispensary:

  • On page two of Edit Medicine (the medicine stock card) using F2 NZF PILs:

  • During script processing, after medicine selection, using F11 Data, NZF (or NZFC). The program will usually give an [NZF A5] PILs as the main option, unless the patient is known to be under 18 years old and an age appropriate leaflet is available. If there are multiple PILs available, they will all be listed under NZF (or NZFC) Patient Leaflet Options:

  • When a new medicine is dispensed during script processing, all patient information options will display at F12 Accept Details, including NZF PILS, if the box Prompt print Patient Info on new medicine is ticked in 7. Administration > 1. Setup > 3. Printer setup > 6. Other print options:

Note:  In the above screenshot, there are more than one [NZF A5] options, so the dispensary program is unable to select a main PILs option. Therefore all available PILs are listed under both Patient Information Leaflet (NZF Options) and Show Patient Information Leaflet Options.

  • If the prompt above is not set, the same information is available at the same point of script processing under F5 Patient Info.
  • Alternatively, PILs can also be accessed from  F8 Use Log on the prescription entry screen, and pressing F11 Data, NZF (or F11 Data, NZFC).

Note: As at September 2021, Te Reo NZFC PILs are not available. Toniq will display the option to print them once the New Zealand Formulary makes this choice possible.