Note: NZF Integration is available from Toniq version 5.39.



The integration of the New Zealand Formulary (NZF) into the Toniq Dispensary program is a new medication decision module available to our New Zealand customers. It supports NZF medicine interaction checking and patient allergies/adverse reaction alerts, as well as having access to NZF patient information leaflets, including those in Te Reo. The integration uses the most up to date NZF information through an internet-based API (an interface allowing the Dispensary program direct access to live NZF data) without the need to download files.

Register your Pharmacy for NZF

NZF integration is a registered module in Toniq, with associated support fees. Some functionality, such as the recording of Allergies/Adverse Reactions and printing them on Charts, will be available as part of the Dispensary program's core functionality, but for full use of all the integration features, please contact Toniq for registration.

Register your interest at

You can also contact Toniq at or on 03 341 0195.

De-Register MIMS

Only one decision support module can be run at a time - they do not work simultaneously. If you choose to register your pharmacy for NZF integration and no longer require MIMS, you will need to contact them to cancel your MIMs subscription. 

Set Registration in Dispensary

After Toniq has confirmed your pharmacy is registered for NZF, the option needs to be set in Dispensary:

  1. From the main menu, go to 7. Administration > 1. Setup > 5. General options
  2. Press F11 Next Page three times to show the Medicine Interactions settings
  3. Tick Use NZF
  4. The New Zealand Medicine Formulary – Terms of Use must be accepted by a pharmacy staff member (Toniq Support is unable able to do so):

Note: Under certain circumstances you may not be able to set up NZF yourself. For example, if the Use NZF tick-box cannot be set, your pharmacy may not be registered for the module yet. In these cases, please ring Toniq for help setting up NZF functionality.

Restart Toniq Dispensary after switching to NZF so that all new components display appropriately.