If you give discounts for the same amount regularly, you can set up quick discounts for your store, which will appear on every till after setting up.

From the main menu:

  • 7. Administration
  • 1. Setup
  • 7. Store setup
  • 1. Store setup
  • <Spacebar>, then select your store 
  • bottom right is a section called Quick Discount, enter a value between 1-100
  • F12 Accept Details to save

Using Quick Discounts at POS

Quick discounts will appear on the Tender list of payment options. You can apply discounts to the sale before adding tenders.

Choose: Discount options, then choose one of the discount options.

The discounts will adhere to all discount rules, such as:

  • No discount on products will prevent discounts from being applied
  • No discount on specials will prevent additional discount from being applied
  • Max discount on products will only discount up to this value e.g. if 20% was applied, but the product had max discount = 10%, then only 10% would be applied to that product
  • Max discount on staff, if a discount greater than the staff level is entered, a prompt for staff sign-in with higher discount option will appear, otherwise the discount will be cancelled

Total saving amount will be displayed both on the tender screen before ending the sale, as well as a breakdown of the discounts on the receipt printout for the customer.

20% discount applied

20% discount applied to a product already on special