1. 6 [Reports], 1 [Product Reports], 4 [Stock Value]
  2. Press ENTER, look for a report called “Dead Stock Value” (or similar) and select if available
  3. If one does not already exist press F3 [Add] and type in a suitable name, ie Dead Stock Value
  4. If you used F3 Add and are creating a new report follow the next few steps (numbers 5-11 below).  Otherwise, go to number 12.
  5. Tick Subtotal beside Department (Optional but may be useful)
  6.  Press F8 Dead Stock
  7. Within the box "Enter days not sold' enter the days you consider to be dead stock e.g. 365
  8. In the 'Not purchased for (days) field enter the days you consider it may take a brand new item (you have never stocked) before it starts to sell e.g. 30
  9. If your site has multiple stockpoints (e.g. a shared database) consider if you want to select a specific stockpoint for your deadstock information.  In the stockpoint field press the space bar to and select show your desired stockpoint and then escape.  
  10. Press F11 [Page 2] and tick Show Weighted Average and Last Cost Values, or choose the comparative option you require for your desired information (1, 2, 3 ; 1, 6, 12 or 6, 12, 24 months)
  11. Press F11 [Page 1]
  12. F12 [Accept Details] and F10 [View Pages]
  13. The figure you want is the “Current Value”

Your report should look something like....