When Pharmac switches funding to a different Brand (or a new pharmacode), e.g. Omeprazole, you may wish to use and order the new Brand and be warned when using the old one.

To do this, the old medicine can be marked with a replacement in the medicine stock card by following the steps below:

  1. From the main menu of Dispensary:
    • Go to 2. Stock Control 
    • Then 4. Maintain medicine


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    2. Search for the pharmacode that is no longer to be dispensed, e.g. the medicine that will be delisted soon:



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    3. In that medicine’s stock card, add the preferred medicine in the Replacement medicine field:


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This will follow with a prompt whether the user wishes to cease ordering the soon to be delisted medicine:


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When the undesired medicine is dispensed, it will prompt with the following warning:


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The prompt will show the date of delisting of the selected medicine, the name of the new replacement medicine, and give the option of using either the currently selected medicine or its replacement.