To integrate Shopify variant products, you first need to setup the parent product, all variant options, with appropriate matching codes within Shopify.

Once this is done, you can push the items from Retail and the integration will map variant ID’s to the matching codes, updating the SOH, Price, Compare at Price and Weight.

NOTE: The parent product will get the following data from the first listed variant product:

  • Product type
  • Vendor
  • Collections
  • Tags

On Shopify:

  • Create a new product (Products → Add product)

    • Setup the parent product with appropriate data:

  • Save the product setup so far, then scroll down to the Variants field and tick This product has multiple options:

  • Select an appropriate Option 1:

  • Add the different options in the field to the right, type the name and push enter to start a new one:

  • Once you’ve added all the options, save the changes again.

  • Now scroll down to find the variant options:

    • Add the PLU codes from Retail to the appropriate SKU fields:

    • You can leave the Price & Quantity fields blank, they’ll update automatically when linked

  • Save the changes one final time, everything is done on the Shopify end.

In Retail:

  • Set the eShopLink category on the appropriate products, either individually or in bulk → Uploading Products from Retail 

  • Give up to 15 minutes for changes to flow through to the website, you should then see the Price & Quantity fields update:

Common Questions

Can I create the Parent product online in Shopify with a Toniq sync push?

Yes, you can sync the parent product first to Shopify, then add the variants online, ensuring the SKU's are correct. Then add the eShopLink category to the variant products within Toniq to enable the variant syncing with your online store.

Does this work with outside Shopify?

No, eShopLink can only sync with Shopify online store products and variants.

My variants are not updating, but the parent product is, what could be wrong?

First, check the SKU's match the Toniq identifier (usually the PLU)

It is possible if the SKU's do not match, then eShopLink has created a new non-variant copy of the product online. If this is the case, you may want to call Toniq Support for assistance.

To fix yourself, stop the eShopLink service, delete the incorrectly created parent product(s) online, fix the SKU on the product variant online so Toniq and Shopify match, then re-start the eShopLink service.