(PLEASE NOTE TEXTING IS AN ADD ON FUNCTIONALITY AND INVOLVES A COST.  ALSO THERE IS COST FOR SENDING TEXTS - as at 29th April 2021 12 cents + GST). If the recipient replies to your text their standard cost will apply.  You will receive their reply text as an email. 

Text messages are limited to a maximum of 160 characters (including your shop's name) per text. If you exceed this the message will be sent over multiple text messages.

Text and email templates can be set up in either Retail or Dispensary and are visible and able to be used in either Retail or Dispensary i.e. if you create the template in Retail you will still be able to see and use that template from within Dispensary.

To create a new text or email template:

Dispensary: 6 Contact, 6 Maintain message templates


Retail: 4 Contacts/ clients, 5 Maintain message templates

F3 Add

Give your template a name.

Compose your text message/email message

F12 Accept

Now when you are in the Create Message (F7) screen accessed from the contacts screen you can select F5 Tmplt, and Use Template and select your template. Then F12 Accept Details