From release 5.36: 

To enable patient ethnicities to be retrieved from the NHI lookup system, Toniq has enabled the ability for patients to have up to six ethnicities. These ethnicities will match the record in the NHI system and cannot be overridden in Toniq. 

There is not always room to display all six ethnicities (i.e. on the prescription entry screen), in which case Toniq will display (+n others) where n is the number of additional ethnicities: 

The ethnicity that is displayed is prioritised using the HISO standard 10001:2017 Ethnicity Data Protocols. For the full HISO document please see: 

To view all the patient’s ethnicities, press F2 Edit Patient and highlight the Ethnicity field: 

Above right lists of all possible Level 2 Ethnicities.

 • nfd = Not further defined