Toniq now (in Release 5.36) automatically validates patient details against the NHI lookup system. This check is to determine whether the patient details match the Patient NHI. If the patient’s Surname, Date of birth, and NHI match the NHI lookup system, Toniq will mark the patient as valid.

A valid NHI has the NHI in black rather than red.

Unvalidated NHI:

After successful NHI validation:

A successful validation (as above) will also automatically populate:

  • Ethnicity, as per the NHI system, and
  • the patient's Date of death, if applicable.  

NHI validation occurs when editing patient details - on pressing F12 Accept Details the patient details will be validated. However, if the validation fails, you will receive a prompt similar to:

If the patient details given are the same as the patient you are editing, you can:

  • correct the details or confirm that this is the same patient as displayed in the NHI by choosing I confirm this is the correct NHI for this patient.


  • choose the No option if this is not the correct patient. This will then allow you to do an NHI search to find the correct NHI for this patient.