Mixture labels usually contain medicine dose information. However, there are some circumstances where methadone is prescribed as dose protected and dose information is not wanted on the label, so as not to inform the patient to the true strength. This can cause repercussions elsewhere in the health sector, as clinical portals (e.g. TestSafe, HealthOne) rely on the correct strength being available for health providers to reference.

Toniq has added the capability (in Release 5.36) to have an alternate label/receipt name for dose protected methadone mixtures so that clinical portals continue to function as expected with full and correct data. All other Toniq information, such as job sheets, continue to use the correct original name. 

To use this functionality: 

  1. Select the mixture and press F2 Vary Mixt. 
  2. Tick Use Alternate Name on Labels 
  3. Read and accept the prompt:

4. Enter the alternate label name into the Label field as shown below:

Note: The Name field should include the strength as part of the mixture name, as per usual.