If you wish to email point of sale receipts to customers, this option is now available and will prompt at the end of every sale when enabled. A digital copy of the POS Receipt which would normally be printed will be emailed to the customer.

This feature is only available from version 5.36


Email account and SMTP set: you will require your system SMTP and emailing functions enabled for this to work.
Click here for instructions.

Receipt printer: a receipt printer will need to be selected for the prompt to appear. If no email is sent, then a receipt will be printed instead.

Enabling eReceipts

From the main menu in Toniq Retail:

  • 7. Administration
  • 1. Setup
  • 7. Store setup
  • 1. Store setup, choose your store from the list
  • F11 next page
  • Tick "Prompt eReceipt" and select the email you wish to send from
  • F12 Accept Details to save changes

Note: you can set up a different email account for emailing pos receipts, than what is used for regular communications.

Issuing eReceipts - at end of sale

When the sale is completed, a new prompt will appear:

To email: enter the email address into the prompt and press ENTER

To print: press the ESC key on the keyboard

Reprint Receipts / email eReceipts

When you use any of the existing reprint receipt options in Retail, the same email prompt will appear.

eg. Reprint last receipt from login screen, or recall transactions

Customer and Debtor emails

If the sale has a Toniq client or Debtor account being used, and they already have an email account recorded in their details, the email box will be pre-populated with their email address.

If both a client and a debtor account are used in the same sale, the client address will be displayed.  An indicator of where this email address has come from will appear on the prompt.


Q: Can I prompt to print for receipts still?

A: YES, the normal prompt functions still work, you will be asked initially if you wish to print the receipt, this will come before the email prompt. If you say no to the first prompt, the sale will end without further prompting.

Q: I usually have no receipts printing at all, the sale just ends. Can I still email receipts?

A: Yes, you can use the F9 Print Receipt function after the sale has ended for the email/print prompt to appear.

Q: I have emailed some receipts, but the customer has not received them.

A: This could be one of a few reasons, such as: 

  • the wrong email address was entered into the prompt
  • it is possible the email has gone into their spam/junk folder, ensure they check this area first
  • the email SMTP settings are not correct within your system, please contact Toniq support for assistance

Q: Can I save/update a customers/debtor account email from this prompt?

A: NO, this is not possible, you will need to recall their details and update manually

Q: Does this option work for Fiji VMS or Samoa TIMS fiscal receipts?

A: No, this feature is not available for Fiji or Samoa at this time.