Aseptic Services (including preparation of syringe drivers) attracts a significant professional fee, recognising the complexity and constraints of this special service delivery. In Toniq, the dispensing fee for this service is set in Standard price parameters, coded as D4, as per the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (ICPSA).

  • For the pricing of an Aseptic Service dispensing to be correct in Toniq, it needs to reference this D4 code.
  • For claiming to be paid correctly, claim items need to be flagged Graseby pump.

To reflect these requirements, a mixture must be created for Aseptic Service dispensings, even if the mixture only has one ingredient.

Setup Details

  • Create a new mixture and tick the Graseby pump tick box. This should automatically select the D4 Subsidy Group Code for Aseptic Services.
  • Set up a mixture with a Std Quant. of 1 and Form of Syringe.
    • Enter the quantities of ingredients to be used for a single syringe, the same as you would for a mixture.
    • If any of the ingredients is a controlled drug, remember to set the CDB Class on the mixture.
    • If any of the items is a NPPA (exceptional circumstances) medicine, it must be flagged CBS using F5 NSS CBS during setup of the mixture.

  • On dispensing, if one of the ingredients is a NPPA, the script must also be flagged Special Authority using F10 Other.
    • Enter the NPPA number in the field for Special Authority.

NB: Unfortunately, entering a Special Authority number on mixtures affects Toniq pricing (it ignores the PS formula). This means the pricing claimed will be incorrect, but subsidy paid will be correct if a SA number is entered. The MOH handles this correctly.