Record the Consultation:

A Diary Template may be used to record the consultation with a patient. With the patient selected, press F3, then Use Diary Template and select TQ Emergency Contraception:

NB: There is no requirement to use this particular template; another which has been provided, or has been developed to comply with the guidelines, may be used.

Charge a Consultation Fee:

At the time of writing, DHB Shared Services state that pharmacy may charge the patient for the required consultation within the terms of their Pharmacy Agreement. The fee ECP SUPPLY CONSULT (pharmacode 99999235) as been added to do this. Tailor it to your pharmacy by setting a Retail price (and make sure the Fee option is ticked).

Process the Rx:

When processing the ECP supply, a pharmacist should select themselves as the Prescriber. The pharmacist record should have Professional group set to Pharmacist, and the Registration should have a prefix of 00 (as shown).

Claiming the Rx:

Only the regular subsidy, as per the Pharmaceutical Schedule, will be paid in the claim; nothing extra for prescribing or consultation. A pharmacy prescription copy needs to be filed with the claim hard copy batch for Audit and Compliance.


ECP Prescribing by Pharmacists:

In 2002, the NZ law changed to allow pharmacists to supply levonorgestrel emergency contraceptive pills. Pharmac advised that from 1 December 2017, Pharmacists will be able to supply funded ECP. As at February 2021, POSTINOR-1 is the only brand subsidised for supply by pharmacists:

Pharmacists Must be Accredited:

Pharmacists must be accredited to supply ECP according to standards from the Pharmacy Council. The best practice guidelines for ECP supply can be found here.