A number of oral contraceptives can be supplied by pharmacists, provided they are appropriately qualified and a patient consult is completed to ascertain suitability.

There are two Diary templates (TQ OC Combined - COC Checklist and TQ OC Progesterone Only POP Checklist) to use and store in Dispensary as part of the consult. (These were converted from Green Cross Health forms provided to Toniq.)

Two oral contraceptive consult fees (OC FULL ANNUAL CONSULT, 99999233, and OC RESUPPLY CONSULT, 99999234) are also available to set up to charge for the patient consult. 

Set Up Retail Prices on OCs

Pharmacists may wish to set these oral contraceptives pharmacodes up with Retail prices and post a schedule of charges in the pharmacy to inform customers.

Find NS OCs:

  • Go to 9. Other > 4. Bulk edit medicines
  • type training into the Dispensing note, then F12 Accept Details (at the time of writing, all NS OCs have a Dispensing note of training required for Pharmacist supply)

Set the Pricing:

  • Use F5 Set Pricing to Set ‘Proportional shop pricing’ on all the listed medicines, then press F12 Accept Details 
  • Review the W/S Price (cost) of the OCs and decide on the Retail Price(shop price) to charge patients per pack.
    • Press F2 Edit List and Edit list medicine by medicine 
    • On each medicine, press F2 Edit Med and set its Retail price (per pack) then F12 Accept Details
    • Press F12 Accept Details twice to commit to all the changes
  • From the main menu, go to  7. Administration > 1. Setup > 5. General options, then F11 Next Page twice, and tick the option Use shop price if greater than prescription item price

Set the OC Consulting Fees: 

  • Go to 2. Stock control > 4. Maintain medicine to search for OC CONSULT (use F7 Show Hidden if not found)
  • Edit each of the two fees to tick the Fee option and enter a Retail price

Patient Diary Templates:

There are two separate consultation requirements:

  • COC - Combined Oral Contraceptives, and
  • POP - Progesterone Only Pills,

Each with their own Diary Template:

The Dispensing note on the oral contraceptive reminds pharmacists which template to use, POP or COC:


Do the consult, dispense the oral contraceptive, issue the fee, set a reminder:

  1. If the consult outcome indicates that pharmacy can supply the OC,
  2. Dispense the OC with an NS Rx code, and the Prescriber set to the consulting pharmacist
  3. Dispense the relevant fee (OC FULL ANNUAL CONSULT or OC RESUPPLY CONSULT)
  4. Add a Task in Dispensary as a reminder to re-do the full consult in a year