Certain medicines, such as some oral contraceptives or erectile disfunction medications, are able to be supplied by pharmacists who have done the recognised training. The supply of these medicines may require regular patient assessment - at given times after supply, or before re-supply - to review health status and/or take other appropriate actions. 

Use patient linked tasks to set up suitable reminders

  • In the Patient Diary, once the assessment has been completed (e.g. using screening and supply templates as shown above), use F8 Add Task to set up a recurring task:

  • Assign to a suitable workgroup so that when the year is up, any accredited pharmacists can do the assessment. 
  • When the re-assessment is due, a reminder will pop up for the patient:

  • When the re-assessment has been done, update and close the task to create another reminder for next time.

  • When the patient is selected, the Diary Items panel indicates current tasks for that patient.