The controlled drug help feature in Dispensary is designed to inform pharmacists (at processing time) and patients (on medicine labels) of a lack of compliance, and the need for compliance, respectively. It resulted from pharmacy user requests, not the MOH.

Example of the CD help feature:

Dispensing scenario:

  • An initial dispensing given on the 1 August with a period of supply of 10 days. 
  • Maximum compliance indicates next supply pickup date of 11 August, but supply can be given between 8 August and 18 August; the earliest pickup being when the previous supply is substantially exhausted, i.e. 2/3 of period of supply.

Early pickup warning:

(assume date is 7 August for same rx as above) 

Late pickup warning:

(assume date is 19 August for same rx as above, with initial 10 day supply dispensed on 1 August)


  • Pharmacists may need to explain the help message to the patient.
  • When compliance appears to be dysfunctional, the pharmacist, after considering all pertainingfactors, can make the clinical decision whether to by-pass the pickup help, and dispense the rx, or require the patient to obtain a new script.

The feature will not function for controlled drugs that are dispensed:

  • More frequently than every 3 days
  • To patients who are receiving the ARRC, CDOS, or CRC services
  • With a 0/0 dose/frequency, or a dose/frequency that cannot be resolved into a period of supply


  • If, after entry of directions, the period of supply cannot be determined, dispensary will usually prompt for entry of dose frequency
  • Printed pickup dates are adjusted to take into account pharmacy weekend closure dates if they are identified in Label print options
  • This help is only given for medicines that are flagged on the Toniq medicine file

CD help options:

To not print CD help on a label or to print a separate label:

If the pharmacy wants to keep the 2nd part label, then an additional label can be printed with the patient help on it, or not have the help print at all. For these options, go to:

  • 7. Administration > 1. Setup > 3. Printer setup > 2. Label print options
  • Either tick the option No CDB pickup help label or CDB help on extra label

To turn off the CD help feature: 

If the pharmacy does not want the CD help feature at all, it can be turned off. Go to:

  • 7. Administration > 1. Setup > 5. General options
  • Press F11 twice
  • Untick the option Help with CDB pickup date


Section 5 of the Pharmacy Procedures Manual (v8.0) on the CentralTAS website describes the Legal Requirements of Prescribing Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975. Section 5.2.3 gives clarification around controlled drug repeat dispensing and is reproduced below. The Dispensary software is designed to help pharmacy and patients conform to them.