Pharmacists have been able to provide funded Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) since 1 October 2017. NRT is treatment with any of the nicotine products listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule, namely nicotine patches, gum and lozenges.

Nicotine replacement medicines can be supplied to a patient:

  • on a doctor's prescription,
  • through a Quitline provider, or
  • directly to the patient by a pharmacist.  

Processing a pharmacist supply

  • When processing an NRT supply, a pharmacist should set themselves as the Prescriber
  • The pharmacist's prescriber record must have:
    • their Professional group set to Pharmacist, and 
    • the Registration number entered with a prefix of 00- 
  • The note May be prescribed by pharmacist - MUST print Rx Copy is on all subsidised presentations of HABITROL


  • The Pharmaceutical Schedule lists the subsidy claimable for the NRT medicine only - it does not cover any other fees for services provided
  • Discuss with your DHB Portfolio Manager further Smoking Cessation Services as outlined in Section 3B.6 of the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (ICPSA)
  • Click here for further information from the PSNZ