Use Toniq Mobile to defer scripts from your claims easily with your android device.

This option works with Dispensary systems, and there is an initial staff set up required before a user has access to use the device for stocktaking. Please see article Staff Configuration and Security for more information on staff set up. 

Connecting to server and logging in

Choose Defer Scripts from app menu

Once logged into Toniq Mobile and connected to the server, you can choose the appropriate menu option. 

Defer Scripts screen

Deferring Scripts

Using the barcode scanner on the device (or camera mode for mobile phones), scan the bag label barcode to automatically defer the script, or collection of scripts from a claim.

Alternatively, you can manually key in any script number directly, including the repeat count, to defer a single script.

An indication message will appear to advise you how many scripts have been deferred. As more items are scanned, the list will continue to populate, with the latest activity appearing at the top of the list.

Deferring scripts with Toniq Mobile is instantly saved.

If the script exists within multiple new claims, all instances will be deferred.

Un-Deferring Scripts

If an item was scanned by mistake, or perhaps is being picked up as you are claiming, you can simply re-scan the bag label barcode, or enter the script number in manually again. If the script is already scanned a prompt will appear giving you the option to un-defer the script, or leave the script deferred.

This prompt can also be useful if you lost your place while deferring scripts.

This can also be a quick check if you lost your place, while scanning