Once the pharmacy has been registered for Toniq Mobile please navigate to the Play Store on your Android device and type in 'Toniq Mobile' and install the app. 

Connecting from Toniq mobile device

On the android mobile device, launch the Toniq Mobile App.

In the top field, enter your server name, then enter the staff PIN, click tap LOGIN.

NB: Staff will need to be configured with a PIN and appropriate security permissions to use Toniq Mobile.
See article Staff Configuration and Security for Toniq Mobile for specific details.

If your device is having trouble finding the computer name e.g. "Unable to connect to server", you can type into "Enter Server:" the IP address of the server computer.

Server IP Address

Open [F10 About] from any computer's main menu, Retail or Dispensary, then use the Servers IP address.

Toniq Mobile Server (discontinued)

It is no longer required to use/launch the Toniq Mobile Server application in order to use Toniq Mobile. This has been superseded by another service which is always running on the Toniq Server computer.

NB: The Toniq Mobile Server is no longer required for Toniq Mobile