Toniq Mobile connects similar to Pocket Toniq, where an application is required to run for the android app to communicate with.

We recommend running the Toniq Mobile Server on the Toniq Server computer.

Add Toniq Mobile Server shortcut to your server desktop

Adding the shortcut to your desktop makes it easier to launch Toniq Mobile Server when you require it.

On your computer, browse to:

  • 64bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dispensary
  • 32bit: C:\Program Files\Dispensary

Find the file ToniqMobileServer.exe

Right click -> Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)

Start Toniq Mobile Server

Double click the shortcut on your desktop to launch the mobile server.

The follow window will appear briefly before minimising to the windows application tray.

If your device is having trouble finding the computer name, you can click "Show IP" to display the computer ip address, this can be used instead of the name when connecting from Toniq Mobile on the device.

Connecting from Toniq mobile device

On the android mobile device, launch the Toniq Mobile App.

In the top field, enter your server name, then enter the staff PIN, click tap LOGIN.

NB: Staff will need to be configured with a PIN and appropriate security permissions to use Toniq Mobile.
See article Staff Configuration and Security for Toniq Mobile for specific details.