Linking stockpoints in bulk

Stockpoints are areas in the program where stock may be held. By default stores will have a Dispensary and Retail stockpoint, however others may have been created (eg Foils, Storeroom).

To ‘move stock’ from one stockpoint to another for cross-over items (medicine-product), they need to be ‘linked / assigned’. 

You can do this manually on each item when you first go to ‘move’ it. 

Alternatively Toniq have created a utility that will link all unhidden stockpoints on regular crossover items in bulk (This list of regular crossover items was collated from 50 Toniq customer databases).  The utility also provides the ability to set the Don’t order and Non diminishing flags on the Dispensary medicines or Retail products if you wish to do so. It will also set the Move Full Packs Only flag on these items in Dispensary (this can be unset if you desire). 

What stockpoints and items will be linked?

The utility will link all available, unhidden stockpoints and sets the flags on all 800 regular crossover items on the list. If you do not want to link all stockpoints, or set the flags, on all list items you should complete the linking yourself, on each item, as needed.

If you do not want a particular stockpoint linked by the utility, you could ide the stockpoint in question first. Run the utility and then unhide the stockpoint again afterwards (as only unhidden stockpoints are linked). This can be useful for Robot stockpoints for example.

A list of the regular cross-over items that will be linked by the utility can be found in the library: Crossover items

We recommend checking your stockpoints and hiding non-required, old or ‘rubbish’ ones before running the utility. To check your Dispensary stockpoints: 

In Dispensary go into 

  • 7. Administration 
  • 1. Setup
  • 6. Maintain Stockpoints. 
  • Press spacebar to see your list of stockpoints.
  •  Select, tick Hide then F12.Accept Details on any that you no longer require. 

Then complete the same process for Retail stockpoints: 

In Retail go into 

  • 2. Stock Control
  • 3. Stock Maintenance
  • 7. Maintain stock points. 

How do I use the utility?

The utility must be run on the Toniq server, be run after trading hours, after a backup has been completed and with all computers out of the Toniq programs (Retail & Dispensary). It only takes a couple of minutes. 

Go to the Toniq server computer

  • From your desktop or Start menu click Computer (or My Computer)
  • Double click C: (or Local Disk) then Program Files (or Program Files (x86)) then Dispensary 
  • Find and double click SQLLinkCommonStockpoints.exe to open the utility*
  • Optional: Tick the Set Don’t Order and Unset Non Diminishing flags as applicable to your store. Untick Set move full packs only if not desired. NOTE: These settings will affect ALL 800 items. 

  • Click Begin to start the process and then Close once you receive the ‘Finished’ message.
  • If you have not already done so you are now ready to set up your stockpoints to enable you to “Move Stock”. These instructions can be found at the following link: 

* IF you cannot find SQLLinkCommonStockpoints.exe, please contact the Toniq support team on (03) 341 0195.