Displaying Debtor Balances, Temporary Accounts or Credit Limit warnings

For a patient linked to a debtor account: selection of that patient (or a family member) can optionally display the debtor balance, any temp accounts and/or trigger credit limit warnings. 

Go to:

  • 7. Administration 
  • 1. Setup
  • 5. General Options,
  • F11 

Tick Show debtor balance to view debtor detail only. 

Tick Show family account balances to additionally view family members’ temporary account balances. 

Tick Prompt debtor account overdue or temp account to prompt if account overdue or if a temporary account exists. 

Enter a value in box if want to have a Warning prompt if close to credit limit margin. 

1) Viewing Balances. 

Options to view debtor balances and family temporary account balances: 

Peter’s account balance is shown when any patient is selected that is linked to his account. They do not need to be family. NB: Tinkerbell is NOT linked to Peter Pan’s debtor account but is part of his family and has a temporary account. 

2) Prompt if temporary account.

Warning Prompt options: 

Warn if there is an overdue debtor account or a family member has a temporary account.

This message prompt displays NEXT to the account detail shown above.

 3) Over Credit limit.

Warning if over or near credit limit. 

The debtor credit limit is set in Retail. 

Dispensary will warn if a patient is selected who charges directly to a debtor which has exceeded this limit. 

If a warning margin is set in Dispensary (e.g.$15.00 ), a close-to-credit limit warning will display at patient selection if the patient’s balance is within $15.00 of the account’s limit (as set in Retail).