In Sept 2013 the Pharmac definition of Specialist was changed to include “a medical practitioner that has ANY vocational scope approved by the Medical Council ”.

For Example: If a prescription for Fluconazole 50mg capsules is processed in Toniq, the program prompts for a specialist recommendation or confirmation of Specialist Rx. 

If the prescriber who wrote the prescription has any vocational specialisation, the Rx can be processed as a Specialist Rx. 

Finding out if a prescriber has a vocation.

The Dr Lookup feature enables any prescriber’s registration details to be checked including their vocational specialisation (if they have one)

Saving the prescriber's vocation in Toniq

A F6 feature added to Toniq allows any prescriber’s vocational specialisation to be saved into the pharmacy database at the same time that the Dr Lookup feature is used.

The next time a prescription is processed for a medicine with this restriction, written by this prescriber, the doctor’s vocational specialisation is presented immediately the prescriber is selected.