Toniq Dispensary users have historically been able to choose to operate without any requirement to logon to the dispensary software however as Pharmacies now submit electronic prescriptions to the Health Information Exchange this is no longer permitted and a minimum logon level is required. 

The Toniq Dispensary security options are located at:

  • 7. Administration
  • 1. Setup
  • 5. General options


Minimum Logon Security (All flags above unticked)

A sole charge pharmacist can log on once in the morning, when the dispensary program is opened, and this logon will give access to everything (assuming the sole charge pharmacist’s user account is set up to allow access to all functionality).

The sole charge pharmacist’s initials (from staff record) will be forwarded with every electronic prescription. Where a pharmacy has multiple staff processing prescriptions but haven't used individual staff logons before, it may be a good time to review this. Toniq helpdesk staff can help you setup staff logons. 

Main menu log off (Main menu log off option only set – as in screen shot) 

If this is set, the software will require a staff logon every time one of the Main Menu options is selected. A pharmacy staff member can logon, process multiple prescriptions for multiple patients, but if they need to do a claim they must logon again to do it, and then when they return to prescriptions they must logon once more.


End visit log off (Both ‘log off’ options ticked). 

This requires a logon for each patient ‘visit’ as well as a logon for entry to main menu functionality like order, reports, claiming etc.