Adding payments to report without recording

If you don't want to record your Case Mix fees and LTC payments permanently within Toniq, you can just enter them in when you run your monthly Dispensary summary report.

Go to:

  • 1. Reports
  • 1. Business Analysis Reports
  • 1. Prescription Summary report

Entering these values on the Dispensary Summary Options page before you run the report will
show those values on the report only. They will NOT be stored anywhere and if you want them to appear on the report the next time you run it, they will need to be entered in again on the options page.

OR Recording DHB Payments as a Bulk Supply (BS) dispensing.

If you wish to record Case Mix payments and/or LTC payments (or other DHB payments) within Toniq, we suggest that you record a prescription item with a ‘BS’ [bulk supply] Rx code. Few pharmacies use this code, and it will be a simple way to ‘insert’ payment details into your database, for reporting in the dispensary summary. 


  • Add a ‘dummy’ patient, perhaps name the patient ‘DHB’. Set the patients ‘Rx code’ (right hand side of patient data entry screen) to ‘BS’. 
  • Set up a prescriber record, e.g. with name ‘DHB’. Give the doctor a ‘dummy’ registration number [e.g. 111] otherwise you will always be prompted to enter a registration number.
    • Perhaps put a note on the the prescriber record stating that the medicine to be selected is called ‘DHB’ . AND edit ‘dummy patient DHB’ to make the ‘usual doctor’, this dummy ‘doctor’
  • Enter the patient and Prescriber into a script.
  • Select medicine ‘DHB CASE MIX’ or 'DHB LTC Payments'. These are medicines that have been setup already for your use for these types of payments.  Use F7 Unhide med to first find this ‘med’. Edit Med and set stock to non-diminishing and set ‘no label’. 
  • Other Medicines available for payments:











  •  Enter a quantity of ‘1’ and then use 'Function key 2' to edit the Price in the script. Enter case mix fee total (for LTC and Core initial dispensings and repeats).
  • After completing the ‘prescription’, EDIT the date to make it relevant to the month the payment is for. 
  • Your dispensary summary report will include a line showing the payment and the various columns for Gross Profit (etc) will be adjusted.


  1.  GP % (on dispensary summary report) will initially be very high, but will ‘smooth’ out as the months progress. 
  2.  Very busy pharmacies may have to enter 2 ‘prescriptions’, as the maximum prescription value is $99,999! 
  3.  You can still isolate real BSO (or PSO) prescriptions using the ‘prescription details’ report. 
  4. The payment ‘prescriptions’ will be visible; this may not be acceptable to some pharmacies.
  5. If ‘adjustments’ are paid some months later, the relevant dispensing can be accessed and edited to reflect this.