The exemption count “year” starts 1 February. It is when the exemption count for all patients reverts back to zero again. Patients who were made exempt during the last year will no longer be exempt until their script count reaches 20. Toniq will automatically put patient exemption counts (including the external count) to zero: 

Exemption Card Numbers

The MOH sends out blocks of unique exemption card numbers to each pharmacy. 


IMPORTANT:  use the numbers issued by the MOH to make patients exempt

If you do not use them, the numbers will not be unique, and the integrity of the PSC Lookup will be compromised. The exemption card number entered in Toniq is sent to the PSC Lookup through the claiming system, so will not be updated there until after a claim is sent with that patient’s scripts. The patient’s script count in the PSC Lookup is via the eprescribing system and therefore should be almost immediate. This is why a patient may have 20 scripts in the PSC Lookup but not showing a card number yet. 

Exemption Cards in Dosepack Cycles

When scripts are created using prescription cycle processing, exemption numbers are allocated automatically. However, for this to work you must enter a range of numbers from those issued by the MOH in:

  • 5. Dosepack/Charts 
  •  7. Administration 
  •  4. Prescription cycle options

Press Accept Details F12 when the card number have been entered.

Don’t forget to set aside those numbers entered for the cycle so they are not accidentally used for regular dispensings.