Any medicine in the pharmacy database can be excluded from Toniq medicine updates. It is a good idea to routinely review these medicines. With many new and/or increased premiums due on the 1st April, it is timely to do this review before the update. 

Go to:

  • 3. Reports
  • 3. Medicine Reports
  • 2. User Maintained Medicines
  • Tick only ONE of the NO Updates flags and run the report. Then untick this one and tick the next and re-run, repeat to get 4 reports. 



Effect of ‘no updates’ flags on medicine details:

No Updates:   No medicine detail at all is updated.

No Description updates:  Name, strength, form, manufacturer is not updated (pricing information is updated).

No WS/PP updates:  Wholesale price AND premium is not updated.

No PP Updates:   Premium (only) is not updated.



Note: The reports for No WS/PP and No PP are the two most likely to have medicines listed that should be reviewed.

Reasons for setting a No updates flags:

No PP:  Setting the No PP flag prevented the Toniq update from removing the premiums.

No WS/PP: Exceptional circumstances medicines – where the medicine is purchased direct from the manufacturer and is not a listed medicine on the Schedule, often the price changes from month to month and must be maintained by the pharmacy.

No Desc(ription) : Some pharmacies wish to emphasise certain aspects of a medicine or they wish to mark them for easy selection.  Eg. Putting the colour into the Warfarin strength or form is a safety feature that many pharmacies have adopted.

How to change the NO UPDATES flags:

Go to Maintain Medicine and edit each medicine on the report that needs to change.   The NO Updates options are found bottom right of the first screen.

NB: If any options are UNticked, the medicine will not be refreshed next medicine update.