New Zealand Veterans Affairs prescription processing (change in invoicing 1st Feb 2016).

As of the 1st February 2016 prescription charges usually invoiced to Veterans Affairs are to be invoiced to Green Cross Health. We understand the invoices will be validated and presented in a consolidated form to Veterans Affairs. Green Cross Health will pay pharmacy on the 20th of the month following the invoice, provided the charges are validated. 

For those pharmacies that are already set up to invoice Veterans Affairs: 

  1. Change the selected Debtor account in Dispensary on all the patients. The Debtor Account is on the second page of the Edit Patient function. If you have more than a few relevant patients use Patient Bulk Edit to change the debtor on all patients at once. (Contact Toniq if you are unfamiliar with how this is used). 
  2. If invoices are to be emailed to Green Cross Health, make sure you have the debtor setup with an email address – 
  3. Toniq understand that patients concerned have been informed of the change in invoicing but it may be wise for pharmacy to consider seeking consent from the patients concerned to ‘email’ invoices to Green Cross Health. These invoices do show the patient name and some or all of their medicines. If you do seek and obtain consent, record it.

Note: Green Cross Health request the following information with the invoice, Veterans name and number, medicine detail and charge, prescriber’s name and name of medical centre, value of copayment charges and compliance packing charges. If a separate report is not sent with the invoice, the prescribers name and medical centre cannot be forwarded. Green Cross Health are prepared to accept the invoices without this information if this is what has normally sent and accepted by Veterans Affairs, they do not want pharmacy to change process. 

Setup notes useful for pharmacies new to Veterans Affairs card carrying patients. 

Setup Debtor 

  1.  In Maintain Debtors, Setup debtor Account.

  2. Enter email address 
  3. F11 and tick print private information. 
  4. Tick Prompt ref debits

To enable the invoice to show the pharmacy bank account, this will need to be setup as an Invoice header free text. Go to Admin, Setup, Workstation configuration, Receipt option, F11, F11, and enter the details there. This is effective on the current workstation. If necessary, replicate to other workstations using F10 Other. 

Setup Patient 

The Veterans Affairs card indicates the conditions that have been approved for funding. Pharmacy services relating to those conditions will be funded. If the patient has any medicines or pharmacy services which appear to fall outside those conditions, these items should be processed in a separate visit and charged to the patient. If in doubt consult with Veterans Affairs.

  1. Setup a patient with a “Veteran Rxs” warning note, entering the conditions from the patient’s card.
  2. On p 2 of edit patient select debtor and tick Prompt debtor account. 
  3. Enter the patient name and veterans Affairs number in the Debtor ref. This is required by the invoicing process. 
  4. Consider seeking the patient’s consent to email invoices with the patient’s name and medicine information included. Record this in the patient diary.

Processing prescriptions.  

When a patient presents, check all the medicines and services you are about to process are covered, i.e. are relevant to the approved conditions. If they are, process the visit and when prompted pick the Green Cross health debtor (pre-selected) and accept the debtor reference. 

The A4 Invoice 

At the end of the month, select the Green Cross Health debtor, F9 Print Select and A Email A4 invoices for the month. NB: Emailing invoices directly from Toniq software requires a registration. If the pharmacy is NOT registered choose the option to print invoices for the month and save them to PDF. Manually attach the pdf to an email to GXH. 

An additional report is required to supply the prescriber and medical centre names. Run the prescription details report for the month, for patients with a note of “Veteran Rxs”, in patient order, include prices, and include prescriber details. Select F4 PDF file when printing and manually attach the PDF to an email to Green Cross health.