For example: if I want to create a Sundry label to stick on my Server computer.

To Make the Text Bigger:

The sundry label starts out with a default number of lines – 7. This determines the size of the text. Reduce the number of lines and the text gets bigger.

On the sundry label before typing anything press : 

<Ctrl> <Delete>

This reduces the number of lines to 6, do this again, and again, and again, now you have only 3 lines.

Enter the Text:

Type:      'This is the' <Enter>

Type:     'Toniq’      <Enter>

Type:      'SERVER’ <Enter>

To Centre the Text

Tidy up formatting: 

Click or arrow to each line and press F7 to centre the text.

To Bold the Text

Use the mouse to select “This” and press F8 to bold it.

To Print More Than One Label

Press F6 MultiLabel : enter 2, F11 PRINT 

Now stick one label on the Server processor box and one on the Server computer's screen.