ACC has special invoicing requirements.

The following information may be helpful. 

The Debtor/Invoice setup. 

Maintain Debtor: 

  • In Retail, 
  • 3. Debtors
  • 1. Maintain Debtor accounts
  • Add or update the debtor name for ACC. 
  • Include the pharmacy facility id and ACC Vendor id 
  • F11,
  • tick Print Private Information and Prompt ref. debits flags

The invoice:

  • From Retail main menu: go to 
    • 7. Administration
    • 1. Setup 
    • 2. Workstation configuration
    • 2. Receipt options 
    • F11, F11, 
    • set Invoice title to “TAX INVOICE”, F11 F12 
  • Check A4 printer is assigned: 
    • 7. Administration
    • 1. Setup 
    • 2. Workstation configuration
    • 1. Devices setup

NB: A4 Tax invoices options need to be configured on each pc used to print invoices. 

Dispensary – Set Patient note and Debtor reference

Direct billing can be setup from Dispensary for all charges but that seems unsuited since ACC will not pay all charges. So pharmacy needs to either send charges to pos and sort the billing out there, or identify the ACC chargeable items on the prescription form before processing them. These items can be processed together in a visit and charged to the ACC account. 

  • To help with this, add a patient note saying what is covered (see letter from ACC)

Set the patient’s debtor reference. This reference prints on the invoice and must contain the patient name, the claim number and the ACC service codes. 

  • tick the prompt debtor account if the charges are to be billed directly
  • set the prompt debtor account tick box

When all items on the prescription that are covered by ACC are processed, a 'select account' prompt will display at end visit. Select the ACC account. If there are other items on the Rx form they can be processing in another visit and the account prompt can be ignored. 

Printing the Invoice(s):

In Retail, 

  • 3. Debtors
  • 1. Maintain Debtor accounts
  • Select ACC account
  • Use F9 Print select and option 8 (for month) or 9 (selected transaction) to Print A4 Invoice(s)

Toniq has been working with ACC and they have confirmed that the invoice above meets their requirements, without a receipt. 

The requirements as stated on ACC’s letter do not need to be met provided the invoice is setup as above. 

NB: Options to email invoices exist but invoices that identify patients with medicines may be in breach of the privacy act if emailed on the open internet. Be aware of this.