The most important differences between the charts are:


Dosepack Chart  

For example (Einstein): 

Medicine Chart 

(e.g. below)
  • Created from an existing dosepack/s.
  • Created from Medicine History i.e. no dosepack required.
  • Multiple pages possible
  • One page document ONLY.
  • Medicines can be grouped into sections.
  • No grouping of medicines possible.
  • Once setup, easily maintained, due to dosage info stored on foil.
  • Dosages must be mostly maintained  manually.
  • Designed to print to A4 Chart printer (portrait).
  • Designed to print to A5 printer, A4 printer.  Portrait or landscape. 
  • Dose times configured on dosepack
  • Up to 6 dose times available.


BOTH charts show similar patient & medication detail, and dosage regime. 

Charts are a chargeable option. 

Registration is required before they can be used.