At Toniq we have the ability to display messages that relate to certain customers, or important messages we think you may need to know, which will appear directly within the Dispensary and Retail programs on the main menu.

These messages are displayed in a combination of formats, and sometimes have a link to additional information.

Messages with links can be clicked using the mouse, and usually show the hand pointer icon when the mouse hovers over them.

Toniq Notices appear under the F10 About button on the main menu, and are titled appropriately.

  • Urgent Messages: appear in RED text
  • Important Messages: appear in BLUE text
  • Normal Messages: appear in BLACK text

Messages can have an Done action tick box next to them. This is specific to your store, so once ticked, this will appear ticked for all computers on your network. Messages likely to have these usually require you to perform an action, then tick this box so you know someone has dealt with this task.  It is intended for internal reference only.

Dispensary vs Retail

If a Toniq Notice only applies to Dispensary, or Retail, then the message or notification will only appear within that application.