If any prescription items in a claim are for medicines that are sitting ‘on the shelf’, pharmacy is expected to defer these from the claim, before sending it. Toniq has a couple of features to speed up this process.

Defer uncollected scripts

If the Rx item collection status tracking is turned on (see the Collection status of Prescriptions Library page) then they can be deferred in bulk from the claim:

  • In a new claim, press F2 Edit Claim, then F4 Status
  • Select Phone/Fax/Refer/Uncollected Rxs - Defer options
  • Choose the required option from the ones presented:

Scan/defer Rx in bulk

Alternatively, a barcode scanner can be used to scan/defer these items from the claim:

  • In a new claim, press F2 Edit Claim, then F4 Status
  • Select Scan/defer Rxs in bulk
  • Then scan each script barcode printed on the receipt or label attached to the bags on the shelf
    • All items done on the same visit as the scanned Rx will change status to Deferred
    • The user is told how many items have been deferred – and the patient name
    • Note: the script number printed under the barcode may be entered manually, but will be slower than scanning

Notes about barcodes

  • Barcodes on Dispensary receipts and bag lables can be scanned at POS and to defer uncollected Rxs 
  • Tel Rx forms, fax/refer labels, and bulk Tel rx form barcodes are used to receive signed telephone/fax/refer Rxs in bulk.

Claiming Process

The claim process is to:

  1. Receive all signed tel/fax/refer Rxs
  2. Create claim
  3. Defer all outstanding tel/fax/referrals - and uncollected (if collection status tracking is turned on)
  4. Error check and fix any claim errors
  5. Scan/defer any uncollected items (if not done in step 3)
  6. Save and send the claim