If a scanned eRx barcode fails, reporting a BUS002 error (specifically), the eRx really cannot be found to download, so don’t bother typing in the code, it won’t work!

NOTHING is wrong with the pharmacy system

So why aren’t these eRx’s at NZePS?

Where the problem is isolated to Rxs from one Medical Practice, something is wrong with the technical systems that send eRxs from that practice system to NZePS broker.

What can I do?

Manually process the eRxs (except CD’s).  It may take a few minutes or a few days for the problem to be fixed (external to pharmacy), but barcodes will start scanning again.

What if I want to get things going again a.s.a.p.

If waiting is disruptive (faxes and CD’s done regularly), reporting the problem may help. So specifically in the case where all barcodes from a particular medical centre are failing to scan, telling the NZePS helpdesk: onlinehelpdesk@moh.govt.co.nz. may help.

To be effective, the online helpdesk will need to know an example SCID, the Medical Centre that issued it and the date/time the problem started.

Perhaps use an email template to email onlinehelpdesk

Add a dummy patient to the system called Online Helpdesk and the email address to onlinehelpdesk@moh.govt.co.nz 

Setup/use a template (see green paper on Message Templates).

Send email

When several eRxs have failed download with BUS002 errors.

  1. Select the patient “Online Helpdesk”
  2. F10 Quick Contact patient,  F7 Create Message
  3. F5 Tmplt, Use Template, select relevant template
  4. Scan one of the failed eRx barcodes into the message, fill in the Practice name and the Date and time of the first failure (ish). F12 Accept
  5. F9 Send Msg.  Save as a note in patient (online helpdesk) history if required

Pharmacy can notify the Medical Centre, and then wait on their notification of their support services but ‘Chinese whispers’ could create further disruption.