Adding a Hospital Visit QuickNote

After patient selection on the Rx entry screen:

  • F3 LTC/Services.
  • 4. QuickNote – Hospital Visit
  • A new prompt is displayed…..

Was the hospital visit related to any of this patient’s LTC’s?   If it was respond with a Yes.

Why does it matter?

The LTC service protocol includes consideration of hospital visits made in the last year.  Provided the visit has been relevant to one of the stated LTC conditions, it causes an extra 5 points per visit, to be added to the eligibility score of a patient.   A hospital visit could make the difference between a patient being eligible for the service or not eligible.   

Where does the score show?

Hospital visits related to a long-term condition have a title of Hospital Visit (LTC).

The Hospital visit (LTC) QuickNotes can be seen in the patient diary.  The Hospital points can be seen on the new F7 LTC manager screen (Main menu) 

and on the Rx entry screen after patient selection, (in the conditions summary panel).

IMPORTANTThe reassessment template.  does not yet automatically reflect the points for hospital visits, so it is necessary to manually update the template to include the calculated score for hospital visits.

E.g. the patient above only has 16 points calculated on the reassessment form.