In some situations you may wish to alter the medicine description within Dispensary.

For example, Paracetamol PHARMACARE 500mg tablets are currently subsidised in 2 different 1000 pack sizes, one being a bottle of loose tablets suitable for packing, and the other blister packed tablets, more suitable for individual patient dispensing. 

In order to make it clear which pharmacode is which, we have added Btl (bottle) to the loose tablets strength, to help with selection and stock control.  If pharmacy don’t stock and dispense the loose tablets then this is irrelevant to them.

But pharmacies who do dispense from both packs this may cause an irritation when the 500mg Btl shows on the dispensing label or prints on the pack.

We are aware of the problem which is fairly new since packaging differences usually coincide with pack size differences too. Toniq is considering how best to deal with this should it become more common.

Disabling description updates from the medicine file

It is possible to remove the ‘Btl’ from the medicine strength AND to stop the medicine update from putting it back again.  Set the No desc. flag, to tell the update to keep all medicine details (ie the pricing, rules and restrictions) up to date except the description (BRAND and generic names, strength, form and manufacturer).

Edit the pack with the loose tablets, Pharmacode 2524147, remove the Btl from the strength field.

Then tick the Updates option No desc.

F12 Accept Details to save the changes.