This can be accomplished using Bulk Edit Patients to find and select all patients who have had a prescription in the last month. Then filter the list by removing patients who have had prescriptions prior to last month. (Useful when finding new patients to the pharmacy)

From main menu:

  • 9.Other, 2.Bulk Edit patients
  • Enter the date range for ‘last month’ 
  • F12 Accept to list all patients who had a script ‘last month’

  • F2 Edit List,  Remove patients in bulk (to filter this list)
  • Enter the date range for a sensible period prior to ‘last month’*
  • F12 Accept to get a list of just patients who has a script ‘last month’

In this example the prior date range started in Jan 2015 so some patients may have had prescriptions prior to 2015 and not returned to the pharmacy until March 2017.  An earlier start date can be used (in this example, the list was further filtered back to 2012 and the number of patients dropped to 404).   A Server reboot would be required to enable access to all historical Rx history to give a 100% accurate list.