Would your pharmacy prefer some (or all) packs to have medicine items ordered differently?

Default order: Date/time added to pack Order: Medicine name A-Z

The sort order in packs can be set or changed using the sort option found on page 3 of dosepack type setup.

From the main menu: 

  • 5. Dosepacks/Charts
  • 7. Administration
  • 5. Edit dosepack types

Important Notes

  1. To change the sort order immediately on all packs based on the same dosepack type After setting the sort order, go to page 1 and press F9 Update Packs, select 6 Sort order and all packs will be sorted and saved

  2. If this is not done, the packs will change their sort order when they are next opened, printed or saved

  3. New items and New Rxs are still added into the pack at the bottom and are sorted into their ‘proper’ place when the pack is saved or printed

  4. F8 Repl(ace) Rxs does not trigger a sort

  5. To change the sort order on only one pack, F3 Add a new dosepack type then use F6 Copy from to make a copy of the dosepack type currently in use on the pack.  Give it a suitable name, (e.g. Alpaca (med)?), set the sort order on p 3 of the new dosepack type and save.  Then select the new dosepack type on the pack that is to be sorted