Occasionally an issue can occur within a pharmacy, where the date printed on some Signing Sheets did not match the date that was used for the most recently run Script Cycle.  This caused a problem both for the pharmacy and the rest home that received the signing sheets.

Where does the date come from?

When creating rxs in a script cycle, you are asked for the Cycle commencement date.  This is the date that will be printed on the foil packs and signing sheets when they are printed in bulk from the cycle.

The date on the foil packs DOES NOT get updated to the cycle commencement date at the time the scripts are created.  This is because cycles are designed to be run in advance for process reasons.  The advance creation of scripts must allow for current period changes to foil packs and signing sheets which require re-prints with the existing, current date.  

If you have created scripts and not yet printed foil packs or signing sheets from the cycle, but edit an individual foil pack, the foil date will not have changed. If the foil or signing sheet is printed, it will print with that unchanged, current date.

What do I need to do?

If you are just creating scripts and then printing foils and signing sheets in bulk, from the cycle, then nothing needs to change.

If you are planning to print individual signing sheets (e.g. onto different coloured paper) then we recommend doing the main print run first (which will update the date) and then the individual signing sheets afterwards.

Unmatched dates are highlighted

Toniq Dispensary highlights the date on the screen if it does not match the commencement date of the script cycle it is in.