Orders in Toniq Dispensary can be created automatically depending on settings in the Order Type and on the item’s Stock Card. If an item is not being ordered, it could be one or more of the following which is affecting the order:

Min Cover is too low

The Min cover on an Order Type is the number of days’ worth of stock a pharmacy wants to be on their shelves. It is the point at which items come into the order and so determines the range of products that will be included in the order. If products are not being included in the order, try increasing this figure. For a Daily order, 7 days cover is a suggested minimum.

Note: once an item is in an order, Max cover is used to calculate how much will be ordered.


Margin is set too high

In the order type example above, the Margin is set at 0.10. This means that if Toniq determines that 1.05 packs are required only 1 pack will be ordered, but if 1.3 packs is the required quantity then 2 will be ordered. Try reducing the margin to include an item.

Pack size is also a factor. If the medicine comes in a pack size of 500, and Toniq calculates that 48 are required, then it will not come into an order where the Margin is set at 0.10. However, if the pack size was 100 and 48 are needed, then the item would be included in the order. 

Item has a ReOp or ReOq set

If medicines have re-order points or re-order quantities set on them, these override the settings in the Order Type

In this example, Apo Prednisone 20mg will not order unless stock-on-hand falls below 200 tablets. It will never order anything if the Re0q = 0 (zero).

It will, however, come into an order if the Order Type has Ignore reop and Ignore reoq ticked.